Contact our support team

If you are an Italian citizen (or dual Italian citizen) living in the American continent, we encourage you to send us a message and inquire about our activities, such as free flights, Italian genealogy, or job openings in Italy.

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If you are not living in the US, Canada or Central America, you can message us anyway in Italian or English. We are looking for volunteers in order to designate new contact points in other continents too, so we can help many more Italian citizens get free flights to Italy. We want to see Italians from all over the world form a great global community. South America, Africa and the Middle East, Asia, Australia.

Free Flights to Italy is also looking to create new local chapters in the US and Canada. If you want to become the president of a new chapter in your area, please send us a message. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Important: according to Italian law, it is mandatory for Italian citizens living outside of Italy for more than 12 months to be on the AIRE list (Law no. 470/1988). Not having an AIRE membership number is illegal, and if your AIRE number is missing or invalid you will not be able to communicate with us: this kind of messages will be automatically discarded.

Per ulteriore chiarezza, ripetiamo anche in italiano: messaggi privi del numero (valido) di iscrizione AIRE del mittente non potranno essere letti perché vengono automaticamente cancellati.