The best Italian genealogy websites and services

The largest Italian genealogy network: based in Italy, 100% Italian, operating all over the world.

Written by Free Flights to Italy NGO

Who are the best Italian genealogist?

The best Italian genealogists must:

Keep in mind that the Italian government recognizes no credentials (certificates, courses, etc.) with regard to Italian genealogy. More specifically, American credentials are not valid in Italy, and they are actually illegal.

Over the years, our NGO Free Flights to Italy has built a large network of connections made up of Italian public authorities, Italian public servants and Italian religious leaders, including the Vatican. Through our network, which has contact points in every Italian region, Free Flights to Italy has immediate access to any kind of genealogical records and resources: documents, certificates, newspapers, material and resources of various kinds (both governmental and ecclesiastical), and even word-of-mouth information that we can get from locals.

Italian genealogical research conducted by real Italian specialists

Each region in Italy has at least one of our specialists that can do genealogical research for you on the spot. All them meet the requirements mentioned at the top of this page. Not only does this let you save time, but it also gives access to a wide range of documents that is not available elsewhere. Genealogy is all about your family and your loved ones, who lived in Italy, which is why research should be conducted in Italy.

Free Flights to Italy specialists are also active members of the Usenet group soc.genealogy.italian.

Get your ancestors' certificates (birth, marriage, death) and records immediately

If you need to learn more about your Italian ancestry and get documentation as soon as possible, you can't find a faster service. This is because our consultants are already in Italy, they are all native speaker and can contact any commune, any organization, any church (Catholic, LDS, or whatever) within two business days. Completing your Italian family tree has never been easier.

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