How to get free flights to Italy voting in Italian elections abroad by postal ballot

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In this page Free Flights to Italy NGO (click here to visit the main page) will explain in detail how to vote in Italian elections if you live abroad. The instructions are valid all over the world: Europe, America (Northern, Central and Southern), Asia, Africa, Australia/Oceania. Let us remember that Free Flights to Italy is the only real initiative taken in order to reunite Italian citizens and voter living abroad with the beautiful Italian peninsula, through the "free flights to and from Italy" program.

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The Consulate will send each Italian citizen (or dual citizen) residing abroad a kit in order to vote by post from abroad:

  • an information sheet explaining how to vote (in Italian);
  • a list of parties and candidates;
  • your electoral certificate;
  • two (2) different colored ballots, one for the Camera dei deputati (House) and one for the Senato della repubblica (Senate); if you are under the age of 25, you will receive only a ballot for the Camera;
  • a small blank white envelope;
  • a larger envelope, stamped and self-addressed to the Consulate.
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Be careful. If you make a mistake or if you write something wrong on the ballot, your vote will not be valid.


  1. Use a blue or black pen (no different colors, and no pencils).
  2. Place an X over the logo of the party of your choice (you will find Free Flights to Italy's logo only in the Camera ballot). Writing the candidates' names is NOT mandatory (we suggest not writing anything).
  3. Fold and put your ballot, or your two ballots, in the small blank white envelope and seal it. (Do not write anything on the envelope)
  4. Put that envelope inside the bigger envelope addressed to the consulate.
  5. Tear off the bottom part of your electoral certificate at the perforation (do not write anything on the bottom part), put that in the larger envelope together with the ballot(s), and seal the larger envelope. (Do not write anything on the envelope)
  6. Mail it off as soon as possible. It must be received by your consulate prior to the expiry date.

Voters who 14 days before election day have not received the electoral pack can apply for one by going to the consular office in person. You can also contact Free Flights to Italy if you need help.

This video sums up the whole process and uses the slide show produced by the Italian government. It can also be enlarged and watched in HD (click the button):